Las Vegas Bail Bond Contract and Agreement

Unfortunate things happen to good people every day, and this holds true even while in LV, Nevada on a fun-filled vacation in. Arrested in Las Vegas sounds like a movie title but in the event of some unforeseen lapse in judgment or the irresponsible actions of another, it is a good idea to know how the system in Nevada works and whom to contact for help. Once in the Detention Center, the services of a Las Vegas Bail Bondsman are required, unless a night in Jail is acceptable.

Detainees, bail is set by the judge:

  • Once bail has been set, the costliest option for the accused is to pay the full amount of bail. This can be thousands or even tens of thousands, depending on the amount the judge has set.
  • Another option is for the detainee to hire an attorney to get the bail amount lowered. A lawyer in Las Vegas can request the release of the accused on his own recognizance or request a reduction of bail. This is the slowest option because an attorney may not be able to see the judge and make the petitions for several days or longer.
  • The quickest and most cost-effective way for the accused to secure release from jail is to seek the help of a Bail Bond company and pay fifteen percent of the set amount of bail, as required by Nevada Law NRS 697.300. Working with a Las Vegas Bail Bondsman employed by a licensed and BBB accredited company is the best option.

How does a Bail Bond in Las Vegas work?

  • A Bail Bond company will pay the full amount of the accused’s bail to the court. In LV a fee of 15% of the total bail amount must be paid to the Bail Bondsman. For example, if the full amount of the bail is one-thousand dollars, then the law requires the accused to pay one-hundred and fifty dollars. Some type of collateral is also required; this includes but is not limited to real estate, personal property, vehicles, and car titles. Car titles are the most frequently used bail bond collateral.
  • The detainee remains in the Detention Center until the Bail Bondsman pays the entire amount of the bail. This is the reason the law requires the detainee or their representative produce fifteen percent of the amount of the bail; if a detainee fails to appear for their set court date, the Bail Bondsman will lose the entire amount of the bail paid to the court.
  • Upon payment of the total amount of bail, the process of releasing the detainee from jail will commence. There is no set period for the release the process typically takes between four and twelve hours sometimes longer on holidays and weekends. LV courts are frequently busy and processing can be time-consuming.

Accused show up for court dates:

  • Once the accused appears for their court date, they will only owe the fifteen percent paid to the bondsman.

Accused skips their court dates:

  • If the accused does not appear for the set court date, the court will issue a warrant for their arrest. They may hire an attorney to get rid of the warrant and then arrange a new court date. If a new date is not set, the bondsman must find the accused and bring them to the court within six months.
  • If the accused cannot be located within the six-month period, the bondsman will lose the entire amount of bail paid on behalf of the accused.
  • The accused also will owe the fifteen percent fee to the bondsman along with the entire bail amount, which the bondsman had paid to the court.
  • In lieu of locating the accused and procuring the money, the bondsman is now able to collect collateral obtained at the onset of the bail process.

Best Las Vegas Bail Bond Service

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